For years we have been an integral part of this market, interacting and exchanging information with the various players in the system


The main objective is to provide in the best way more and more the best and respectful product of the environment


Innovation is an activity that distinguishes every stage of our work: we are able to answer promptly to the needs of the market

Cutting-edge technology in the molds


In Plasting the technology is considered an added value: a plus to be shared with the customer who presents itself in an increasingly competitive market. Innovation and production flexibility are an integral part of our business mission


Ideas in plastic


By investing in the most innovative plastic molding technologies and in new injection molding machines, we can offer quality products that meet the needs of our customers.


Research of the quality


We monitor production efficiency in order to verify the achievement of preset quality objectives


Since 1970, Plasting has been operating in the injection molding market for plastic components for the electromechanical and manufacturing industries.

The years of experience and the strong sensitivity to the ever more evolved needs of the plastic injection molding sector have led the company to implement a careful investment policy in the renewal of the machine park, in order to ensure the highest quality standards and productivity.

Thanks to its craftsmanship, Plasting, through direct contact with its customers, is able to guarantee the necessary flexibility in order to create customized productions with a continuous support in the search for the best solutions.

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